Songwriter & Rapper | Indie, Bossa Rap

1998 singer/songwriter/rapper based in Bologna. From Foggia by birth, in Bologna he met producer Federico Franciosi with whom he began to collaborate moving between jazzy hip-hop, indie-pop and lo-fi hip hop.

After years of experimentation and genre weaving, he lands on an original style, contaminated by the most varied influences, a style in which jazz/soul/ bossa nova sounds join an indie-rap that does not forget the more Mediterranean roots of Italian songwriting.

In December 2019 he won "EnCoder", a prize sponsored by Modena municipality and Emilia-Romagna Music Commission.

He has played for festivals and venues such as Apolide Festival (Valfrè, Piemonte), TantaRobba Festival (Cremona) Dumbo Bologna, La Ruggia (Varigotti, Liguria), Mei Meeting Indipendenti (Faenza, Emilia-Romagna), (Tredozio, Emilia-Romagna) and others.


Producer, Beatmaker, DJ, Sound Designer | Hip-Hop, House, RnB, Nu Soul