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V​.​A. – 3 Years of Dusky Adriatic will be released on january, 22nd 2020

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary Dusky Adriatic decided to release its first compilation on vinyl.

New logo, new sound, 12″, 150 copies, limited edition. Two sides of raw acidic jams by 5 of their favorite artists.

A Side starts with Auto Sound City’s “Night Time in ’88”, a proper, sincere raw old school acid house track coming from the incredible set of vintage gear of the Manchester/Leeds duo.

A2 is “30 Years Late” by Nicholas Dearfort. 808 patterns with PLEEENTY of cowbell, congas and claps plus a simple acid line that will drive you nuts.

On the B side, first track is “Electro” by the greek artist Drum Machine coming back to Dusky Adriatic with an ultra dry, mental heavy electro jam full of killer stabs.

B2 is “707 vs 909” by Raw Culture boss Asymmetrical, slow, heavy saturated drums, a screaming acid bassline, hypnotic pads.

Finally B3 is a track made by Dj Octopus, well known for his releases on Chiwax, Hot Haus, Shall Not Fade and his own imprint Metal Position. He joins Dusky Adriatic with “Dry Shipping”, an electro/break track full of dreamy synths with a slightly dark harmonic progression, compact but still kinda gentle drum rhythms and a tight bassline.

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