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On Friday the 19th, Archivio180 is bringing to the Kindergarten in Bologna Ciao Discoteca Italiana

The collective, which has been based in Turin, Italy, at the western apex of the industrial triangle, since 2017, takes its cues from stylistic elements in the world of design, art, and pop music and reworks the sound and visual landscape of the Italian cultural industry and the communicative forms that define the relationship between the past, pop culture, and contemporaneity.


Since 2017, Ciao, in accordance with his own vision related to the reworking of the concept of song and the structures of easy listening, carries on his musical journey in the most diverse contexts among italian clubs and festivals. C.I.A.O.'s posters are born on walls and later find space in living rooms, they draw from the tradition of political propaganda of the First Republic, and from architecture and publishing that animated the cultural activity in the Italy of the Economic Boom.


Ciao! Discoteca Italiana believes in free dance halls, the dialectic of class struggle, the enlightened middle class, the pursuit and dissemination of pop culture, and the firm belief that language finds its highest expression when collectively shared and imagined.

Friday, May 19, Kindergarten Bologna, Via Calzoni 6/H

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